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2021 / 2022

John Lewis: Get In The Way

February 23, 2022

Early Light Productions

John Lewis: Get In The Way is the first major documentary biography of civil rights hero, congressional leader and champion for human rights, whose unwavering fight for justice spanned over fifty years.

John Lewis: Get In The WayWatch Movie Trailer Here!

John Lewis documentary Good Trouble now showing on Netflix – Watch Movie Trailer Here!

Selected books:

His Truth is Marching On: John Lewis and the Power of Hope by Jon Meacham
Across That Bridge: A Vision for Change and the Future of America by John Lewis
The Story of John Lewis: A Biography Book for Young Readers by Tonya Leslie

Recommended by Jennifer Scurlock:

    You can help Timothy Williams’ program at:

    • Corner of 3rd and Monroe
    • Sundays starting around 11:00AM

    You can reach Miles Pendleton at: Lane County NAACP