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Prior Screenings

Season 6

2018 / 2019

Tony: A Film about Homelessness

June 6, 2019

Dennis Stein

A film about homelessness in San Diego.

Generation Zapped

May 2, 2019

Sabine El Gemayel

Generation Zapped investigates the potential dangers of prolonged exposure to Radio Frequencies (RF) from wireless technology.


April 4, 2019

Phil Borges,
Kevin Tomlinson

The documentary Crazywise explores what can be learned from people around the world who have turned their psychological crisis into a positive transformative experience.

The Devil We Know

March 7, 2019

Stephanie Soechtig, Jeremy Seifert

When a handful of West Virginia residents discover DuPont has been pumping its poisonous Teflon chemical into the air and public water supply of more than 70,000 people, they file one of the largest class action lawsuits in the history of environmental law.

Making a Killing

Feb. 6, 2019

Robert Greenwald

The stories of how guns, and the billions made off of them, affect the lives of everyday Americans.

Disturbing the Peace

Jan. 2, 2019

Andrew Young

Disturbing the peace is about people born into conflict, sworn to be enemies, who challenged their fate. The film follows everyday people who took extraordinary actions by standing for what they believe in.

The Hand that Feeds

Dec. 6, 2018

Robin Blotnick, Rachel Lears

Shy sandwich-maker Mahoma Lopez unites his undocumented immigrant coworkers to fight abusive conditions at a popular New York restaurant chain.

The Brainwashing of My Dad

Nov. 1, 2018

Jen Senko

The film examines the rise of right-wing media through the lens of her father, whose immersion in its daily propaganda had radicalized him.

The Human Element

Oct. 4, 2018

Matthew Testa

Environmental photographer James Balog captures the lives of everyday Americans on the front lines of climate change.

Dark Money

Sept. 20, 2018

Kimberly Reed

Examines one of the greatest present threats to American democracy: the influence of untraceable corporate money on our elections and elected officials.