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2021 / 2022

The R-Word

January 5, 2022

Panel Profiles

Amelia Abel, 31 years old, has been a public speaker for 20 years describing her experience having Down’s Syndrome.  She likes talking to people about what it is like having a disability, especially how misperceptions influence how people with disabilities are treated.  She wants people to “look me in the eye”, accept me, and include me and all people with disabilities in their world.

Sue Barnhart retired from Lane County Developmental Disabilities Services during the summer of 2018 after working for over 30 years as a case manager and before that a special education teacher. Sue worked with people with developmental disabilities, both children and adults, and with their families.

Arenaria Cramer is a senior at South Eugene High School. They are sibling to, caretaker of, and lifelong advocate for, people with intellectual disabilities. They founded their school’s chapter of the Look Me In The Eye club in partnership with OSLP and has worked as a tutor in the Life Skills program for years.

Laura Dahill is the director of marketing and communications for The Arc Lane County, a local nonprofit that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities live full and meaningful lives in their communities. Laura is the proud parent of twin teens, one of whom experiences autism, and she recently authored a book entitled, Dreams Without Limits: Changing Perceptions about People with Disabilities.

Toby Rickard is a teacher on special assignment for the 4J school district working as a consultant for students on the autism spectrum. Toby also works as both a volunteer and consultant with community agencies and providers, supporting adults with disabilities on services and programs related to inclusion, self-management technologies and self-advocacy.

John Lewis: Get In The Way

February 23, 2022

Panel Profiles

Miles Pendleton is the President of the Eugene Springfield NAACP. He grew up in Eugene and previously served as the past President of the Eugene Springfield NAACP Youth Council.  Miles graduated with honors from the University of Miami where he established the first NAACP chapter there.

Jennifer Scurlock is an English Language Arts teacher in Eugene School District 4J. and a leader in her union at the local, state, and national level. Jennifer is a Director on both the Oregon Education Association (OEA) and the National Education Association (NEA) Boards. She also serves on the State Board of Education, the Governor’s Education Recovery Committee (ERC), and is the Chair of the NEA Human and Civil Rights Awards Committee.

Timothy Williams grew up in a military family and traveled extensively. And, as a Black child and man he faced innumerable challenges wherever he traveled. Timothy currently lives in Eugene with his wife and four children and is on the staff of The Way Home, a homeless advocacy group.

The Bystander Moment

April 6, 2022

Panel Profiles

Jon Davies, PhD., is a nationally recognized presenter and consultant on men’s issues. He is a Licensed Psychologist and the founder and Director of the McKenzie River Men’s Center in Eugene, Oregon. The mission of the McKenzie River Men’s Center (MRMC) is helping men lead healthier lives and preventing violence in Lane County and beyond.

Carson Hugill (he/him) is the director of administration for the Sexual Violence Prevention Leadership Board, their focus is to educate and work with Fraternity and Sorority life to reduce harm within the UO community.

Arian Mobasser (he/they) is coordinator of the UO’s Men’s Resource Center (MRC), one of the first initiatives on a college campus dedicated to helping college men lead more authentic, inclusive, and responsible lives. Arian is also the child of Iranian immigrants, a recovered accountant, and a developmental scientist. His doctoral research was focused on well-being during the transition from childhood to adulthood.

Zoe Estep Shaw (she/hers) is a senior at the University of Oregon and has served as the Sorority Director for the Fraternity and Sorority Life Sexual Violence Prevention Leadership Board (FSL SVPLB) for two years leading members of greek life in harm prevention and education. She continues to stay engaged in SVP initiatives across campus and among the FSL community.

Nadia Telsey spent five decades in the self-defense and anti-violence movements, including co-creating Empowerment Self-Defense, which is now taught around the world. Since 2017 she has taught Bystander-Upstander workshops with a team from SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) and Sanctuary Temple Beth Israel. Her forthcoming workbook on self defense will be published by a subsidiary of Random House.

The Album

May 4, 2022

Panel Profiles

Tony Figoli has been a drummer since he was a kid and a designer of music packaging since his first garage band self-released their first cassette in 1987. Since then, he has gone on to design many more album covers (none of which you would have ever heard of) and even more show posters. The first album cover he can remember seeing was Chuck Berry’s “The Great Twenty-Eight” — cementing his love for bright bold typography driven designs.

Kevin Hosmann, Director of “The Album” – I started my career analogue, designing album covers. Twenty-two gold and platinum records later, I found the internet in its infancy. I created the first official Nirvana site for Geffen Records and designed the first Lexus site (the first major automotive site) for Team One the same year. I was at Geocities, the first social network as Art Director for advertising when they were bought out by Yahoo! for 5,700,000,000, we thought at the time there was nothing but up!

Throughout the dot bomb I always searched for the next wave. As an Innovation Creative Director my group continued to create prototypes of the future for AOL, Motorola, Microsoft, and Nickelodeon (among others).

In 2007 I joined Warner Bros. during their digital renaissance where my art department designed (UX and visual) for each of their digital touch points, from front-end to backend.

I’ve continued in advertising as a User Experience Director plotting the consumer’s path toward conversion, all the while seeing that digital disruption and the wave it created will continue to play a part in my work and the world around me. Change is constant.

Greg Sutherland has worked at the House of Records for 35 years. He’s seen a lot of album covers in that time, but still loves them so much that an entire wall in his house is adorned with them. Every January 1, he and his family change all the covers on the wall for another 12 months. This year, they chose all Hanna-Barbera covers. Because once in a while, you need to smile.