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Filmmaker Delaney Ruston experienced the silence that surrounds mental illness from her own family experience (as seen in the Award winning film, UNLISTED). When she learns that 450 million people globally have a mental health condition she realizes their plight is the most hidden of all. How are people accepted or rejected? What is mental health care like? Who is helping?
In HIDDEN PICTURES Ruston takes us on her journey to answer these questions, uncovering deeply personal stories in India, South Africa, China, France, and the US. Powerful narratives involving bipolar illness, depression, schizophrenia and anxiety, show the universality of our seemingly different worlds. Through arresting images and poignant vérité scenes, the film explores questions such as how do families cope in countries where 80% of people with mental illness go without treatment? What happens when cultural framing of mental illness conflicts with potentially more effective treatments? How can a person be involuntarily hospitalized with no right to appeal, as is the case in half the world?
The film ends with an exciting exploration of how people around the world are leading transformational programs to improve the mental health landscape. From the classroom in an international school, to the set of Good Morning America with politician Patrick Kennedy, to a new anti-stigma campaign, Bring Change 2 Mind, by American actress Glenn Close, we witness individuals from all backgrounds speaking out for change. What emerge are scenes of true compassion that remind us that we all have the power to help make the hidden pictures of mental illness be a thing of the past.

Featured Guest Speakers-Audience discussion following screening

Hidden Pictures Kate Gillespie Encircle Films

Kate Gillespie
White Bird Clinic

Kate has been working in the mental health field for over a decade in a multitude of settings. With a strong philosophical background in holistic intervention and social justice, Kate was motivated to obtain a Masters Degree in Social Work. Currently, she is serving the behavioral health field with crisis intervention, program development and coordination, and community education.

Hidden Pictures Ben Brubaker Encircle Films

Ben Brubaker
White Bird Clinic

Ben has been working with White Bird Clinic and Cahoots for seven years. He has been in the mental health field for over a decade. Ben coordinates and presents on crisis intervention and de-escalation to local service agencies and teaches an on-going class focusing on effective communication strategies.

Hidden Pictures Jonathan Schwartz Encircle FIlms

Jonathan Schwartz
Lane County Mental Health

Jonathan Schwartz first volunteered for Whitebird Clinic in 1991. As a intrepid environmentalist studying Psychology, Anthropology, and English he was looking for an outlet for his passion to lend his voice to under served causes. Environmentalism was becoming popular and well represented, and it no longer seemed to lack advocates. Volunteering at Whitebird introduced him to a whole new world of people that were marginalized and stigmatized by those unfamiliar with the struggles of mental health, urban nomadism, and substances. A Masters in Social Work from the University of Minnesota allowed him to work with those who struggle with their mental health. Over his 18 years as a clinical social worker he has interned at the Minneapolis VA, worked for the Ramsey County Mental Health Crisis Program (phone & outreach), Lane County Psychiatric Hospital, the PeaceHealth Transition Team, and currently works for Lane County Mental Health as the Mental Health Court Liaison. He volunteers with LLS (Lymphoma & Leukemia Society), and WhiteBird’s Rock Med crew.