Explores the problem of extreme drug prices in the US and how drug cost impacts on the public, on businesses and the overall US economy.

Big Pharma: Market Failure is a documentary that makes an effective business case for realizable change. It digs deep to answer key questions. How much do pharma companies really spend on research and development of truly innovative drugs? Do “free market” principles impact on drug prices and help control cost? Do the normal rules of business apply to the pharma industry? How do TV ads impact consumers and doctors?

Big Pharma: Market Failure proposes a solution that makes business sense for employers and health sense for employees. It is a compelling drama that reveals the truth of pharma cost and what we can do about it.

Q&A Discussion following film with:

Skype conversation with filmmaker Richard Master

Richard Master CEO MCS Industries Inc.

Richard Master CEO MCS Industries Inc

Richard Master

Founder/CEO MCS Industries, Inc.; Executive Producer of “Big Pharma…Market Failure” and “Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point”

Richard Master is the Founder and CEO of MCS Industries Inc. North America’s leading supplier of picture frames and decorative mirrors. He is the Executive Producer of two documentaries “Fix It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point” and “Big Pharma…Market Failure”. Richard’s interest in healthcare is triggered by the annual, relentless cost increases his company and its employees have experienced since 2000. Initial research and investigation led to the formation of the “Unfinished Business Foundation” which led to the productions…Richard has an active interest in public policy with particular focus on finding practical, common sense solutions to problems that many characterize as too complex to tackle.

Representative John Lively

Representative John Lively

Representative John Lively

I believe that service to my community is a way to make a difference. My service to our community started when I was elected to the Springfield City Council, and then served as Mayor. At the same time, I started volunteering on many non-profit boards helping citizens in Springfield. Some of the boards I have served on or continue to serve on include Lane Workforce Partnership, Springfield Renaissance Development Corporation, Lane Early Learning Alliance, Friends of Willamalane, McKenzie Willamette Hospital, United Way, SCAR Jasper Mountain, Western Rivers Girl Scout Council, Strong Schools for Springfield, Friends of Lane Community College, and many more. Each has helped me gain knowledge about our community and what I can do to help. In addition, my hours of service have reinforced that only by working together can we create a better community. I have always been proud to say I live in Springfield, and I am honored to represent our citizens in Salem.

Lee Mercer - Health Care for All Oregon

Lee Mercer – Health Care for All Oregon

Lee Mercer is currently Mobilization Committee Chair (and formerly President) of Health Care for All Oregon and on the Executive Team (and former Director) of the Main Street Alliance of Oregon. For the previous 11 years he did legislative advocacy, outreach and education on poverty, hunger and economic issues with Oregon Center for Public Policy and Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Cruz County (California). He co-chaired the California Hunger Action Coalition and was part of the leadership team of the Human Services Coalition of Oregon. At OCPP he staffed Oregonians for Working Families, a coalition to increase the state Earned Income Tax Credit. Before entering the nonprofit world, Lee was a business owner for 20 years, owning and operating art and independent motion picture theaters in California and Nevada. He is also a writer and has done video and film production.


Health Care for All Oregon
The Main Street Alliance of Oregon
Physicians for a National Health Program Oregon